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Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Manufacturers, Suppliers

Heat is transferred from one medium to another in a heat exchanger. A gas or liquid or combination of both can be transferred thorough heat exchanger. Depending upon the application, the mixing of two media may be interrupted or in some cases may come in direct contact. Through heat exchangers a system can be made more energy efficient by transferring the heat from where it is not required to that place where it is required the most. The manufacturing and the design of the heat exchanger depends upon the particular application for which the exchanger will be used for. We provide different types of exchangers for a number of industries specially, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cement and so on. These machines are supplied as per customer specifications and as per the benchmark pre-determined. There are 3 type of heat exchangers available:

1.Shell & Tube: This type consists of large number of small tubes positioned in a round circular shell. We offer 3 types of shell & tube heat exchangers namely-

Fixed tube sheet type, removable bundle type, U-tube type

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