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Chemical Reactor

Chemical Reactor

Chemical Reactor Manufacturers, Suppliers

Chemical reactors are big vessels generally made from metals like stainless steel or high resistant alloys. A chemical reactor is said to be the heart of a chemical plant in which the raw material and other elements get mixed to get finished products. To get one of the best activator the chemical reactor design should be such that gives maximum scope for chemical reaction engineering. We at Hexamide Agrotech Inc. manufacture a wide range of chemical reactors,high pressure reactors, chemical process reactors, stainless steel reactor and limpet reactor. The design and the size of this machine depends upon the product industry where it will be used. For example, in industries manufacturing chemicals large tanks need to be made. The safety and the efficiency should be considered as the reactors operate in controlled environments.

There are 2 main types of chemical reactors i.e. batch reactors and continuous reactors.

Batch reactors:
A batch reactor is a reactor in which some material/ reactants are mixed and are allowed to stay in the device for a fixed time. These are mostly used in the process industries. It consists of a storage tank which has a heating and cooling system with an inbuilt agitator. The total volume inside a batch reactor at one time may vary but, the batch of the reactants input in the reactor is fixed. As per the application the products are heated and / or cooled.

Continuous reactor:
A continuous reactor is a reactor in which the reactants and other elements flow into the reactor while the products of this mixture exits out of the vessel. These are generally smaller than batch reactors and the products get flowed in a continuous flow. The benefit of this reactors is here mixing at higher rates and densities is easily possible.

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